Jan 27, 2009

Latest from the White House Cabinet Choices: Timothy Geithner U.S. Treasury Secretary

Timothy Geithner was sworn in as U.S. Treasury Secretary, we have now given the Cookie Jar, so to speak, to a crook. The guy cheats on his own taxes and now we have put him in charge of the IRS among other federal agencies, and he will oversee personally the spending bill(s) approved by Congress for the Obama Economic Plan.

My Comment:
Can it get any worse, you betcha... just wait the collapse of America has started.
I'm hiding my cookie jar. Also I am buying gold. The dollar wont be worth much soon.


Anonymous said...

The Cookie Jar is wide open and soon to be emptied.
But don't worry Congress will fill it right back up.

in the USA said...

Revolution at hand

Almost time to free our country.

You cannot convince fanatics with facts. They must be killed in order to restore America.

The first sign will be the passing of "The Fairness Doctrine". The elimination of the 1st Ammendment.

The next will be the elimination of the 2nd Ammendment. This clause guarantees our right to defend ourselves from a out of control government.

Don't worry about the military. They have been villinized by the Libs for 40 years and they have sworn an oath to the Constitution, not the President. They will support a revolution.

Don't bother even arguing with Libs anymore. They are lost in their nonsensical drivel of "red necked Republicans" and the Global Warming hoax. They have been educated by the government since the late 60's and there is no hope for them. They must be purged from society in order to save what is left of America.

When the shooting starts, buckle up and support the Constitution. With your lives if need be.