Jan 27, 2009

Latest Breaking News: Obama and the Looney Liberal Left want to Prosecute Bush for Torture

You are looking at the moron leading the charge and many Liberals are telling Obama to keep his campaign pledge to prosecute persons who engaged in torturing and abusing prisoners (terrorist) starting with George Bush and Dick Cheney.

What these Liberal idiots including the looney left news media like MSNBC don't understand is that a full scale retaliation would be in order when the Republicans get back in office, and they will sooner or later.
Even President Obama cannot be this stupid as to think his day and all that were involved in something like this wouldn't come back and bite them in the butt !!!


Clayton Bowler said...

Why don't we press charges against Olbermann. Watching his show for two minutes is more torture than any of those Captain Crunch addicted terrorist at GITMO ever received.

-suitepotato- said...

If Obama keeps this up, his challenger in 2012 will be Oracle's Larry Ellison. We cannot have two egos that big on the same planet. It's more dangerous than the possibility of a black hole at the new supercollider.

I say we prosecute Obama for treason for giving his very first interview as Prez to a foreign news outfit seen only on satellite instead of the nation that elected him which he is supposed to be serving and not the other way around, Oprah to the contrary.

Jake Sutter, Army Rangers said...

When the terrorist come again, and they will-
I hope this assholes family are the ones killed.
And, believe you me he will be screaming the loudest why didn't the government do something to prevent it !!!!

P.S. - Great blog.

Ju Ju Beads said...

I say let one of the GITMO assholes out of prison, give the terrorist Olbermann's home address. Tell the the Muslim Terrorist it was all his idea to have him detained.

Also tell the terrorist Olbermann is Jewish, just to piss the Muslim off even more.

Problem solved, in more ways than one!