Jan 14, 2009

Illinois Governor Rod R Blagojevich and Barack Hussein Obama

Obama has always claimed he has never met with Blagojevich, then who is that in the photo?


Clay said...

OOO, she got a phat ass!

Why does the camera always pick up on Michelle's ghetto booty?

gonzodoctor said...

Yes, absolutely ugly !

-suitepotato- said...

You barely see her ass, but it is nice actually.

Better are the shoulders. Excellent for the backless gown.

However, nothing really can distract from Rod's horrible muppet show hairdo.

thinking out loud said...

That's a hell of way for Michelle Obama to dress when her hubby is involved in politics.

But hey, I like it.
She's hot!

ROFLMAO said...

No matter what you say, old Barack gets to go home and bang Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Michelle is hot.