Jan 9, 2009

YouTube Video: Doom and Gloom, economic outlook, who's right?

Gerald Celente Predicts Revolution - This guy has a track record of being right.


buy a gun you'll need it said...

I predicted the fall of the real estate market 18 months before it happened.
Everyone laughed at me.
I had the lat laugh.

I predicted Obama would win and we would not get out of Iraq, and the Middle East would get worse.
Everyone said, No if Obama gets in he will bring the troops home.
Again, I was right.

I said a year ago this country cannot spend money at the rate we are without dire consequences, now we are spending more in a few months than Bush did in 8 years.

I said 6 months ago that this country was headed for another 1929 great depression with 20 percent unemployment, which would ultimately lead to another civil war or possibly a revolution in this country.
Now others are predicting the same thing or something similar.

-suitepotato- said...

Such cataclysm will only happen if we keep saying it will. Humans are much for the self-fulfilling prophecy. Tell them there is economic disaster and they will do those things that will enable it, such as not spending, not lending, not hiring, firing, hiring for lower wages, cutting of existing wages, delaying expansion of business, etc.

Tell the people there is disaster at hand, and they will make it happen. When at last they've become totally accustomed to the idea of that disaster, then they will be disposed to listening to anyone who claims a solution to that which they fear.

Of course, once the damage of encouraging destructive behaviors has been done, actually repairing it becomes very much more difficult as it is not enough to say one will fix it, but provide enough of a dog and pony show to convince them that it has or will be fixed yet not enough to undo the reason for them giving power over to you. The problem must become a path and not a destination.

In short, this is the tactic of selling the eternal struggle to the masses and that only by your leadership can the situation be maintained in eternal conflict and this at best. Serene accomplishment and rest is impossible, total failure highly possible, and a constant tense struggle without end the only thing one might aspire to.

However, human nihilistic nature makes the prolonging of this problematic as what does not kill humans fast enough, makes them reckless before it. Soon enough, the fear of the failure is no longer a motivation and the run from it seems more and more a pointless exercise and the fate avoided to be embraced.

Therefore, one must sell a constant series of disasters to fear, and a never ending series of temporary non-solutions to cover over the reality that the danger never existed and the purveyor of the solution was useless.

The danger then becomes that the damage done by those negative behaviors during the times the people were convinced things were so will not actually be corrected by any of the actions to follow, and will be like chipping away at a foundation until it can no longer support the weight above and collapses.

All that is necessary for this is human credulity. What is told to them pointedly their dubious paranoid nature eschews and what is said casually is gospel truth.

It will only go bad as long as people believe it will. Then they will make it happen.