Jan 16, 2009

His time is now short before his arrival.....


Randy said...

I like the pictures.... I needed a chuckle this morning.

Thinking out loud said...

I agree, that picture image is really funny.
I am sure in his limited brain, Obama thinks he is the answer!

-suitepotato- said...

Thanks to liberal whites he's soon to be the whipping boy. They made out that Bush had destroyed the country and the economy, that the problems were nigh unto insurmountable even by G-d if He existed which they don't believe He does, then they helped the would-be first black president to run against the outgoing president who isn't even running instead of the candidate who was, and then when he got elected put him in front of this apparent blizzard of despair and destruction they hyped in the minds of the public and said boldly that somehow he will fix this problem that even G-d would have trouble with.

Talk about screwing a man.

Obama has been set up to fix a non-existent problem. If the problem doesn't exist in the first place, how can you fix it? It only exists in the mind. Therefore if you've convinced the public that it is nearly unsolvable, they will do in response everything they can to make it worse and to not cooperate with fixing it because they figure, why bother?

Obama is supposed to fix a nightmare? Literally fix a bad dream in other peoples' minds and change the behavior they engage in as a result of their beliefs? He's expected to stop the results of their actions WITHOUT CHANGING THEIR BELIEFS?

That's like trying to deal with Islamic supremacists without countering their message.

Oh wait, we're doing exactly that.

I would not want to be Obama and I guarantee within six months Obama will wish he wasn't Obama as he sits there staring at the mounds of classified intelligence reports on his desk and the bleak picture of the world that finally breaks through the insulation his handlers have provided up till now hits him between the eyes.

Yup, Barack Obama has been played up to solve and unsolvable problem and fix things that aren't broken and save the world from itself. Very shortly, his shoes will feel like they're a hundred million sizes too large.

Ed Hurley said...

One of the funniest things I've ever seen on a political blog.