Jan 29, 2009

A Child's Message to President Obama


Clayton Bowler said...

Even Nancy Pelosi's grand kid are going to hate her one day for what they have done to this country.

gonzodoctor said...

Dear Debbie, I think that the better solution is to commit suicide.
You re likely to grow in shit. Sorry, but the debt will grow with you.

Optimist Gonzodoctor.

overpopulation said...

Just wait until Obama opens the flood gates of immigration to the USA from all his Muslim and black friends in Africa and elsewhere.

Then you will not only have NO money you will truly be a 3rd world country as well.

hope all you Obama voters r happy said...

Mr. Overpopulation -
Precisely why we need to get these 3rd world dregs to quit breeding!!! The uneducated, unskilled losers who sneak across our borders are usually the ones who spend all of their time popping out babies and then we, the taxpayers have to pay for them! It's bullshit!

What we as a country need is: said...

1) AUSTRAILA'S immigration policy AND

2) CHINA'S population policy

The welfare system is already overwhelmed and the planet is already overpopulated !!! ENOUGH ALREADY !