Jun 29, 2009

Smack George W. Bush Game

This was emailed to be, now stored at blogsfollowme.com for use.
To work the game, punch George Bush in the Face by clicking on either one of the fist with your mouse key.

Jun 18, 2009

The Official White House News Network

Some Republicans and independent news critics are charging that ABC News is nothing more than President Obama's Official White House News Network.

My Comment: HELLO, has anyone been watching MSNBC or CNN?

Jun 16, 2009

Breaking News: Politicians take stupidity to a new level

Ohioans ticketed for parking in own driveways.....
TOLEDO, Ohio – Residents of Toledo, Ohio, are complaining that they received $25 tickets for parking their vehicles in their own driveways.
Mayor Carty Finkbeiner (FINK'-by-ner) says he stands by the citations handed out last week by the Division of Streets, Bridges and Harbor. He says the tickets were issued under a city law against parking on unpaved surfaces, including gravel driveways.
During a news conference Monday, Finkbeiner ignored a reporter's question of whether the crackdown and fines were related to the city's budget crisis.
The three-term mayor faces a recall vote in November.
Critics have claimed he's wasted city money, like this is new for a politician.
City Councilman D. Michael Collins calls the ticketing "Mickey Mouse nonsense."
He has told residents he'll try to have the citations rescinded.
Good Luck ... what we need is to rescind stupid!

Meet a pair of so-called adults, I call them cry babies...

Jun 13, 2009

Jun 6, 2009

Obama's Plan for GITMO Prisoners

No State wants them, so he will be forced to Chain them to the White House Fence

Jun 3, 2009

Breaking News: Barack Hussein Obama. the Muslim in disguise....

was told today by the Arab World, thanks but NO thanks.
Virtually the entire world rejected Obama and in clear spoken words told him to piss off.

Excuse Me America, I Voted for Obama