Feb 4, 2009

YouTube Video: Letterman - Farewell Tribute to Great Moments in Presidential Speeches


Linda Goossen said...

What did they do? Pull the video? It's a good thing I saw it a few days ago, but it is gone now.

Tapline said...

PD, I just saw the video and What's to say....I however have a more favored departure for our CIC...Stay well....

a geek visiting this blog said...

Linda the Video is working fro you tube just fine.

Sometimes Google YouTube goes down. And, often it is regional. As in one part of the country sees it and another doesn't.
Many things can cause this from routine maintenance to a hacker attack.

Anonymous said...

That video has done more to lift my mood lately than anything else!

...it brings tears to my eyes.

What an incredible moron! It's the best verbal and physical slapstick since I don't know when.
And the best is it's not staged! He will forever go down as the biggest clown in US history.

...a dangerously stupid one yes that to.