Feb 5, 2009

Crazy News: Bill Gates releases swarm of Live Mosquitoes on Audience

LONG BEACH, California:
Microsoft founder and Chairman turned disease-battling philanthropist Bill Gates released a swarm of mosquitoes into an audience at a technology and design conference in California make a point about the deadly sting of malaria.
The incident occurred at the TED (technology, entertainment and design) conference on Wednesday February 4, 2009.
Gates was giving a talk on malaria eradication, a cause the entrepreneur and his wife Linda are pushing through his philanthropic foundation.

My Comments:
This is proof the more money you have the more arrogant you become.
Hey Bill did it ever occur to you that even though these mosquitoes supposedly don't have malaria they could have some other disease. Also some people have allergic reactions to mosquito bites, did you ever think of that?
I hope someone in the audience sues this idiots butt off, because you can't fix stupid!


Clay Bowler said...

Something tells me your a Mac user :)

Anonymous said...

Good One Clay!

Leslie said...

Hello? Can we say: West Nile Virus? It is in some of the mosquitoes here in the USA.
Sound it out...it isn't hard...