Feb 5, 2009

This is just for the Conspiracy Therorist

Just emailed to me.
Big Brother is Watching:

This is the MOST AMAZING picture..........
This is a remarkable panorama of the President Inauguration taken from nearly 1/2 mile away.
Barack Obama is in center stage behind him is Clarence Thomas, Dick Cheney,
Clinton, Gore, Bush 41, Dan Quayle, and Scalia.
The clarity is amazing!

If you go to the following link, you can see all this with clarity.
You can even pan around.

The technology is truly amazing, and it's un-classified! Imagine what our spy agencies can see with classified technology !!!


paul sands said...

great link, simply amazing...thankx

you fools should have voted for Ron Paul said...

Just viewed the link, makes you think, now don't it?

Randy said...


The Encantoman said...

wow is right...
this is fantastic...
thanks for the post, and it is an eye opener!