Feb 10, 2009

Crime Stoppers


Clay Bowler said...

A modern day Marie Antoinette. We'll be eating less than cake with this recession turns to Obama's depressions and hyperinflation.

Randy said...

So sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

As for President Obama I know that he is a hard-core leftist -- and perhaps a neo-Marxist. I know that his agenda could drive the last nail into America' coffin and that it is a blow against all that is great and good. Thus, if I wished him success, it could only mean I hated my country, my fellow man, and God himself.
And to all those bloggers asking us conservatives to support this Marxist, I can tell them exactly where they can go.

forget private bankruptcy said...

What is sad about all this every Democrat and the White House themselves admit that this bailout is not enough and we will probably need another Trillion Dollars in a year.
That really means Two Trillion and probably six months.
Congress only knows one thing, how to spend, spend, spend.
And the states and cities are no better, they learn from Washington!