Mar 4, 2009

Video: The Russian Tunnel of Death

Lefortovo Tunnel in Russia , is the longest in-city tunnel in all the world. It is nicknamed 'The Tunnel of Death'. See for yourself why.
There is a river running over the tunnel, and water leaks through in some areas. When the temperature reaches nearly 0°C (like it does during the Winter in
Russia ), the road freezes and becomes very slippery.
The result is the attached video which were taken during a Single Day with the tunnel surveillance camera.
Congratulations to the dual-carriage bus driver - imagine the passengers in the back! What a ride!
The next time you complain about traffic, remember this video... Russian Engineering!

Personally, I think it looks more like something FEMA and The Army Corps of Engineers designed
and built after all they did such a good job in New Orleans.

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