Nov 8, 2010

Obama Talks to America


k said...

Why do you hate america ???
Why do you criticize and lie about the commander in chief in a time of war ?
If you don't like it leave it.
The rest of us will work to solve problems and you can be a jerk elsewhere.

The Patton Doctrine said...

I dont hate America you dumb ass Liberal.
I hate what Liberals and stupid people have turned it into.
Obama and his socialist agenda have virtually destroyed this country. I fear there may be no coming back.
I fought for this country and I will say what I want.
And, it's just NOT the democrats the republicans are to blame as well.
Both parties spend money like there is no tomorrow just on different agendas, both refuse to close the borders and deport the stinking illegals, both send jobs overseas and sell out the workers here - so ask yourself why do your support this bullshit?

The Patton Doctrine said...

Erwin -
You are an idiot - go back to your cave and take your meds.