Oct 11, 2010

Why Didn't We Think of This in America ....

Can it be this simple?
Why didn't WE think of this Sooner????
In Seville, Spain, the City Council authorized the construction of a Mosque on one of the empty pieces of land. The citizens did not want the mosque built in their vicinity and found a brilliant solution. They buried a pig in the land, and made the news public.
The Islamic law prohibits the construction of a mosque on lands desecrated by remains of pigs, therefore the Muslims had to renounce the construction on this desecrated land...
Astute Seville? The commentaries of the Civil Guard (Police) are very interesting. Maybe it is the solution needed by New York to avoid the construction of a mosque in the vicinity
of the twin towers.
The Israelis have been using a similar strategy since 2004. They placed a box containing pig lard on the buses in Israel and made it public that any kamikaze suicide bomber who tries to assault a bus, risks the prohibition of entering heaven by getting the pig lard all over them.
There are no suicide bombers on the buses in Israel any more.
Dead Pig

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