Jan 1, 2010

The Preferred Breakfast of Liberals

Happy New Year One and All.
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Frank The Thinking Man, said...

The Christmas Day Bomber terror attack attempt is nothing short of chilling.
This idiotic imbecile over at Progressive Eruptions writes about “The Same Old Washington Blame Game” And then goes on to “Blame George Bush and Dick Cheney for everything going on TODAY including the Christmas day Bomber. How freaken blind can one Old Lady possibly be? Mr. Dingbat-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama. He has screwed up this country more than Tiger Woods has screwed up his marriage. We should get the Nobel prize for being the most Idiotic Person of the year. The miss handling of the Christmas day Bomber before the fact was the biggest screw-up of the year....And Still the Libtards are blaming George Bush.
Libtards don’t want to kill the messenger. The pantie bomber’s father spoke to the CIA on November 19. It turns out that the whole international organization for screening these people is very shaky. Our State Department is way behind the eight ball and I am not sure just where DHS fits in with airlines flying into the US.

What I do know is that Obambi has been just what Cheney has accused him of being: all milquetoast about confronting terrorism. The CIA has had the rug pulled out from under them and the Gorelick wall has been partially reconstructed. Now we have all sorts of misdirected people running around pointing fingers at each other. And this asswipe blogger is pissed of at Dick Cheney!
Eventually the tap dancing will stop.. unfortunately it looks like US citizens will be lost before that time.. dance Barry dance for now.. your chickens are coming home to roost…. you simpleton! And the blogger that I speak of is a bigger simpleton for buying his crap