Apr 5, 2009

Obama Embarrasses America

Barrack Hussein Obama goes to Europe and tells them "Americans are arrogant".
How about that, an American President belittling Americans to other countries!
This pathetic excuse for an American President, wants us to be equal with France and the rest of Europe. It's like he feels bad that we are still somehow a superpower. This piece of shit Obama has got to go, lets Impeach His Sorry Ass along with every member of Congress now!


commoncents said...

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Anonymous said...

Get a life! Americans are arrogant and that is one of the reasons we are in this recession! Bush and crew were full of arrogance which took us to a worthless war and has caused more people around the globe to hate us. Perhaps if you traveled more you'd see what others think of us. I'd dare you to wear a American flag on your shirt on your travels. Better yet, when you hear someone being obnoxious outside of our country, take a look at them...it is usually some overweight, loud American!