Dec 25, 2008

An Important Video for All Americans

This was emailed to me today....
LiveLeak Video: Think the Government Won't Try and Take Your Guns? Think Again!
Brought to you by the the U.N. and the New World Order. Compelling piece about gun "control" in the UK and Australia.
Don't think it can happen here? Do an internet search for Department of State publication 7277, 1961. The U.S. signed onto the U.N.'s doctrine for world disarmament. This is a three stage program, we are now in stage three, as evidenced by the powerful anti-gun lobby and unconstitutional laws. Our president elect and vice president elect are two of the staunchest supporters of gun control laws, with no regard for the Constitution.


Harmony said...

If you do not arm yourself , who's going to take care of the baddies.

Clay said...


Moving to Arizona said...

I am a naturalized Citizen of the USA.
I married a southern boy from Georgia.
One of the first things I learned was how to shoot.
The second thing I learned, and it is part of the Citizenship test, is I have a right to own a firearm under the 2nd Amendment, and I own one.

Do not attempt to - - -
rape me
carjack me
break into my home
rob me

You assholes have been warned.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Clay...
I am, I have been, and I will continue!