Oct 29, 2008

Special Edition: Paris for President

This is no more ridiculous than the two morons that inundate every news channel, named Obama and McCain...

Oct 10, 2008

Special Edition, YouTube Video: Uncensored! George W. Curses Ahmadinejad in UN Speech

This is funny, this is great - Screw IRAN, screw the UN!

Special Political Announcement, YouTube Video: Obama Tells Americans - Learn Spanish

It amazes me how the people of this country can just be so blindly led around like a dog on a lease.

Video: The Day After Obama is Elected

This is funny, watch it till the end....

Oct 4, 2008

Special Edition: YouTube Video - TV Digital Conversion

This explanation sounds like it was written by Congress - quite funny, this is your government at work:

When Listening to these lying Politicians, I need...

To get me through all the bullshit!