Mar 30, 2008

Video: Law Firm Teaches Companies How to Avoid Hiring Americans

How can anyone support a Republican or Democrat in these trying times ....
Please people, wake up, America soon will be a bankrupt nation.
A new depression of economic proportion is looming and we the taxpayers and voters have no one to blame but ourselves.

Mar 29, 2008

Video: George W. Bush, His Best Moments

This is really funny, unfortunately, this idiot is running the county.
What's worse, all the politicians in both parties are just like him.
And, people want to know why America is in trouble, why we are failing, what's wrong ....
If this video tape doesn't make you realize it is time for a change and both parties have to go, please go back to sleep or back on your medication because you are part of the problem.

Mar 24, 2008

Video: Man in Line

This is great. Shows how people today have no consideration for others.
Well be like this guy - say, 'Hell No We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore.'

Video: Lewis Black, comedian - Discusses America

This guy is on target for this subject.
Warning: Contains harsh or foul language.